Diary of a Carer – aged 57 3/4

My name is Meta Auden mother to a child with autism and also budding entrepreneur age 57 3/4.

If Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones can do it so can I.  To all you mother’s out there, it is not easy parenting a child who just happens to look at the world differently.  Trying to get my daughter to speak to me is like pulling teeth, were it not for her amazing classroom assistant I would know nothing about her day. This is not always the case as when she is in her room playing Minecraft she gets very excited and I can hear the laughs downstairs.

I digress but I have learned such a lot from Kirsty.  I never knew about sensory issues and we had some real bad mother/daughter rows over clothes.  I would buy latest items of clothing and fashionable outfits.  The trouble was that Kirsty would not wear them and it drove me nuts because she never told me why. As you may or may not know many, but important to understand not all, children on autism spectrum lack empathy (keep following and you will find out many of the examples that made me want the floor to open up and swallow me) Kirsty was not diagnosed until quite late on and as soon as she was I attended every course going to help me understand my daughter better.  The result was after the first course I came home told her to open wardrobe and to show me what she couldn’t wear and we then took two large bags to charity shop.

So here I am about to give birth again at my ripe old age only this time the baby I am referring to is my company. All of the above and listening to other parents made me want to do something about it. Based on my own experience and the feedback of parents and people with ASD across the world; our clothes will not have irritating labels, washing instructions and minimalist seams to limit sensory discomfort.

For us, creating a durable, yet sensory accessible line of school uniform has been an important goal for the future of this little enterprise of ours. Using a hard wearing material with a patented sensory material on the inside and without seams will certainly be a task – but not one I’m willing to shy away from!

So signing off for this week but please don’t hesitate to contact us or go to Are you a Carer on Website and fill in form letting me know what you would like.  We are at start up stage, a lot of research has been done and prototypes discussed; so keep checking our website.

My daughter is excited by the process and wants to lend a hand wherever she can, she’s obviously a lot more of a technophile than I am so her help is invaluable; she’s going to keep an eye on social media and even wants to start her own little segment called Kirsty’s Quotes.

Kirsty’s Quote for this week is:

“Don’t worry mum, my autism isn’t getting any worse I have just turned into a teenager”

I can attest there is certainly a large level of accuracy to this one!

I’ll end on one of my own favourites;

“there are three things you need to be a good mum, love, patience and a large glass of wine in evening”

That’s all for now folks, watch this space.

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