Diary of a Stressed Mum and would be Entrepreneur aged 57 3/4’s

Well let’s get the serious stuff out of the way; the good news is I have received an Innovation grant from Invest NI and Spectra Sensory Clothing will now be able to go ahead and create prototypes for our designs – I can’t describe how excited I am to be at this stage!

The difficult part for a would-be entrepreneur with years many, yet computer literacy skills few is of course social media.  I grew up in the age of no computers and despite watching data move from the humble floppy disk to the cloud it’s been tricky to keep up to date with the ins-outs of the internet let alone Twitter and Facebook.

Luckily for me I have my son keeping me right with the website and social media. I originally started the company because I have a daughter with autism and was aware of many of the issues for parents around clothes. It’s unhelpful to the community and not correct to make generalisations around the likes and dislikes of children with ASD so after getting feedback from as many carers and parents as possible we started to establish trends in which aspects of high-street clothes caused the child the most sensory discomfort. It’s turned into a real family effort which can be a difficult task to switch-off from.

Kirsty is doing her GCSE’s at a mainstream high-school at foundation level, she has made me a very proud mum with how well she has done in school and even won a prize for her Geography – I must give credit to her fantastic classroom assistant who really helps with the issues around memory as a result of Kirsty’s ASD.

As wth these issues it is a very difficult task for Kirsty to do revision in a traditional ‘sit-down-and-read’ fashion; understanding the various learning styles has been helpful and recognising the benefits of kinetic learning such as fiddling with an object (Kirsty found marbles helpful) while studying or reading to assist with anxiety and concentration. Naturally like most teenagers she would much prefer to be in her bedroom playing Xbox, hearing her laughter and gleeful conversation with her cousins as they play together with microphones glued to their heads is lovely for me. It is times like this that Kirsty is her most vocal and chatty so it’s always great to hear it coming through the floorboards, although convincing her to down controllers and come downstairs to revise can rise tensions.

It’s certainly been a long week between revision help, meeting people and receiving lots of great feedback from people across the world who have seen the website/social media and got in touch. It’s an exciting prospect to start work on the next stage of the business and I look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress!

So the moral of this weeks blog is if you have an idea for a business go for it and if you have a young child with autism they will surprise you as they grow.

So Kirsty’s quote for this week is

“Most of the time I don’t find Autism to be  the the struggle.  I find other peoples understanding of Autism to be the struggle.

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