Diary of a Mum and would be entrepreneur aged 57 3/4

Well folks, that day of the week again when I keep you all updated on the trials and triumphs of the past week.  I did mention last week that Kirsty had won a prize at school and  I was so looking forward to seeing her go up to get her prize on the night.  I have to say Kirsty was not that thrilled at having to go as she hates people looking at her. 

I am sorry to report today that she did not attend.  My husband had picked her up from school and although Kirsty doesn’t say much he could see tears welling.  The first statement from her was “ I am not going to prize night” the reason, teacher had stepped out of class at last period in school and Kirsty had been subjected to what I can only call bullying. 

A boy in class had been throwing items at her, he hadn’t hurt her in any way but I think by doing this he drew attention to himself and to Kirsty which she really struggles with. Kirsty has the best classroom assistant on the planet, unfortunately she was off ill and I think the boy realised that Kirsty was vulnerable.  On a brighter note we told her we would treat her on the Friday night as a reward for doing well.  You wouldn’t believe what she wanted for dinner, wait for it… lobster.  She had tried it once and really loved it. 

I know I am very lucky in that my children have always tried new food, the only problem with that is that when we go out to eat they do not want and never did want the children’s’ menu.  I have seen hubby and I go out for dinner and take Kirsty (we have to) lack of babysitters and he and I sit with a burger while Kirsty has ordered the steak.  I have to say never money wasted as she doesn’t leave anything on plate and worse unlike the rest of us who only have to look at food to put on weight Kirsty remains slim. As I have been writing this I have had call from school to say that matter had been taken care off.  The teacher explained normally she would have brought both children out and make one apologise to the other but she knows Kirsty so well and knew she would hate to be singled out so she made boy write apology instead.  It is teachers having this kind of understanding that helps our children so much.

So as well as being a mother, as stated I am a budding entrepreneur trying to bring out a range of clothes for children on the spectrum.  Business is developing well and we have the go ahead to make prototypes so the initial range will be school trousers, shirts, non uniform t-shirts and hoodies.  At present I am trying to get socks manufactured as this item featured such a lot in the surveys that people kindly filled in for me (not too late to fill one in if you haven’t already in time for draw at end of month – just visit web page). It is exciting to being doing something that you know will help your child as well as many others (not to mention parents)  How many of you have a child who has one or two items of clothing that they wear constantly and it looks terrible as it has been through wash so many times. 

I have to come clean and admit to being a shopaholic so you can imagine my frustration that my daughter doesn’t share this (maybe just as well) my husband complains about how much wardrobe space I need, more of a spare room rather than wardrobe! To get back on track she has a grey hoodie which she wears on every occasion and it is getting small for her, looks totally worn out but whenever we have to go somewhere out comes the grey hoodie.  I have been tempted to throw it out as this would be the only way to stop her wearing it. I had assumed all fleeces were the same on the inside but no, that is why she hasn’t worn any of the nice new ones in her wardrobe.  I am going instead to take it to next meeting of design team to find out if the hoodies we are going to produce can have same fabric inside. I lie there is one other hoodie Kirsty will wear it is grey in colour with cats on it which she got it when her and I went to visit my son in Newcastle upon Tyne where he is at university.  Matthew also knows Kirsty so well and the one thing apart from Minecraft that she loves is cats. In Newcastle there is a cat cafe, where you can go for coffee, lunch and be surrounded by cats – a fantastic concept and place to visit which we found brilliantly accessible for Kirsty, the hoody in question was bought here and is one of her favourite items of clothing.

Kirsty’s Quote:

Autism has pushed me and pulled, drained me and fuelled me, beat me up and strengthened me, hurt me and helped me.

It’s been a part of my growth and no kidding, I’m “thankful”

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