Diary of a Mum and would be entrepreneur aged 57 3/4

Well here we are at the beginning of new month and that means wherever you go there will be reminders of Christmas everywhere.  Never mind that it is only November, last week Halloween products were side by side with Christmas ones.

Great Halloween party in house last night Kirsty a bit old for them but she still enjoyed it.  She did disappear to her room before visitors had all left as she was finding it hard to cope with noise (she had made a fair bit early on herself). Thank God for the courses available which explained so much to me and now I get her more. I understand the noise issues and we have bought her very good ear phones which are meant to drown out a lot of it.  Kirsty uses these if  there is a rare occasion that she has to get school bus home.

I would really appreciate some feedback on an issue that arises every year, what to get Kirsty for Christmas?  She will be sixteen this month, but has no interest in clothes, in fact no interest in anything that you might buy for a girl her age. Clothes are usually out because at this time of year it is all glitter tops and wool jumpers which of course she doesn’t wear. She did ask for 19 books one Christmas but apart from that she doesn’t ask for anything.  She is a bit obsessed with minecraft and really enjoys that but again that is the only game she plays so can’t get her new games for xbox as she wouldn’t play them.  So any ideas greatly received I end up buying things just for the sake of it so she has some surprises on Christmas morning,which then get put under her bed never to be seen again except when having clear out for charity. So any advice greatly received.  Hopefully by this time next year we will have Christmas jumpers suitable for our children’s sensory issues,

As for business going good, with lots of interest We should be making prototypes soon and I am doing my best to resolve the sock issue.  I have had lots of feedback regarding socks. The task for myself is to be patient,  not a quality I  possess in any great amount. I know I will be happy when I can do a one stop shop for Kirsty and possibly get her to stop wearing grey hoodie (which I have been tempted to throw in bin) as it is getting small for her.  She has wardrobe full of clothes but loves the feel of this particular one.

Now for Kirsty’s quote

“The worse thing about a disability is that people see that before they see you “

I have assured her that we don’t see her like that.

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