Diary of a Mum and would-be Entrepreneur aged 57 3/4

Well half term break over and back to school, and the dreaded revision for Christmas exams.  Kirsty is doing Foundation GCSE’s although I am working harder at them than she is.  Kirsty blames her bad memory on her autism but she never forgets when an update for mine-craft is coming out. 

It is hard for her to study as a) she has no interest as its not mine craft and b) she finds math and science particularly challenging. What am I talking about? She also finds English and LLW challenging.  She has stated she needs these to get a job, but she also has to be able to speak to people.  Kirsty loves cats (she hates the dog we recently got) but she talks to her cats, again never remembers to feed them but she talks to them. Her dad and I visited an animal shelter thinking that it would be a good idea if she could volunteer here to give her some experience.  They were very good and told us she could come for two hours on a Saturday and stay with cats in their block.  We couldn’t get her to go as it meant if people came in to choose a cat they would ask her questions about the various cats and their temprament. Tried to talk to her about going to local college to study something that interests her but she has no idea what she would want to do.  People take their children to maths tutors and tutors for various other subjects DOES ANYONE NEED MINECRAFT TUTION? Kirsty would make an excellent employee as unlike other girls at sixteen she does not spend all day on phone to friends, no interest in clothes or pop culture or even X Factor!!! I love her to bits and am constantly trying to build her confidence by telling her how beautiful she is and how clever she is, but she is still horrified by the thought of people looking at her or trying to engage her in conversation.

On the business front I am pleased to announce that I will have seamless socks in next two weeks so if anyone is seeking to buy a pair either email me at meta@spectrasnsoryclothing.com or send me a message on Face book.  They will be mostly school socks although if anyone interested I can get some girls socks.  My school uniforms should be ready for start of term next year and I will have girls white knee socks. T-shirts and hoodies will also be on sale and I will be constantly adding new items. Socks will be five pounds a pair with postage if needed around a pound.  I know this is expensive for socks but I have to have them shipped in.  They may go down in price if the demand is there.  I know from surveys that a lot of people mentioned socks so I have made it a priority to get them in.

Now for Kirsty’s Quote:

WE don’t know how STRONG we are until being strong is the only CHOICE WE HAVE

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