Diary of a Mother/Carer and would be Entrepreneur aged (nearly) 58

Well firstly I apologise for no blog post last week I could blame my social media guru (my son) but as he will see this no point. I can’t even blame Kirsty as she gave me her quote without me even having to ask for it.  I will have to blame it on my week as a social butterfly.

I am never out at all and last week two social events, one was the Women In Business Awards dinner which was very good and very inspiring.  The other was the office Christmas social an altogether very different affair but also great to get talking to people who although you see them most days everybody very busy. Last week was also Kirsty’s GCSE’s she is doing the foundation ones so trying to revise with a girl who has no memory and even less interest in the subject took a lot of time.  Also because they were in for an exam and then home and back for another I had to work at home (bad idea) too many distractions. On timetable said morning exams from 9am – 11am but one day she called at 9.55 to say she was finished.  When she went in for afternoon LLW exam I got a call so soon I had to ask if she had even taken time to write her name on paper. I must admit this is a subject Kirsty finds difficult and for her revision it was on what had come out of Good Friday Agreement with regards to equality. On top of all that my father in law took very ill and my husband had to travel to England from here (Belfast), so you can imagine not the easiest of weeks. Having said all that Kirsty did miss her English exam on Tuesday as on the Monday night she was watching her favourite programme, don’t why I say favourite it is the only programme she watches when she spilt her hot chocolate all over herself and we ended up at A&E department.  Thankfully not too serious she had scalded herself but after some gel and dressing she was find from Wednesday. Thank you to some very special friends who helped with transport for Kirsty.  Also the girls on Power of 4 course which I did manage to get to for most of the day.  I needed it believe you me, couldn’t have afforded to miss any but especially this weeks on finance.

On the good news front all you who have filled in surveys  and all those with children on spectrum who told me about your troubles with socks I will have some in stock from next week.  Seamless and made of bamboo cotton they really are of a very high standard there were a few samples from others which I rejected on the basis they were not very well made but these ones will have been worth waiting for. So email me or send me a message on face book if you are interested.

I have just time now to put in Kirsty’s Quote as believe it or not I am out for dinner tonight again.  This is to celebrate my sisters birthday and was out last night as it will be Kirstys birthday on Sunday.  Lets hope thing get back to normal or as normal as things can be in my house with Kirsty, two cats and a dog.

Kirsty’s Quote

‘I am beautiful, not broken, different not less, challenged, not challenging, overwhelmed, not spoilt. Autism is not a choice, however acceptance is’

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