Diary of Mother/Carer & would be Entrepreneur Aged 58

Well for the eagle eyed out there you will notice I have had a birthday since last writing this, so 58 it is.  Apologies for time since last blog but we have had a bereavement in the family.

Well the countdown to Christmas is now on and at last even I have got Christmas tree up (thank you John and Kirsty). What do you buy for your child, in my case a sixteen year old girl who has no interest in clothes, DVDs or all the other things that girls of her age are into.  It is very difficult even to buy clothes at this time of year for her as nearly all t-shirts, jumpers etc. have some so kind of pattern or sequins that Kirsty cannot wear.  When I ask what she wants for Christmas she just tells me she doesn’t want or need anything.  I know for a lot of parents it is the opposite but when you can’t think of anything to get her it is really difficult.  There are days when I am glad that she isn’t growing up so fast.  I could fill a sack for any other teenage girl, with clothes, make up, accessories,  perfume or even their favourite boy band calenders, bedding and all the other merchandise manufactured with teenage girls in mind.  As many of you know, some children on the ASD spectrum have no empathy and very often just say what’s on their mind and at least if you ask them a question you can guarantee you are going to get truthful answer (which is why when I have got dressed up for a night out I don’t ask Kirsty how I look as the answer can often offend.!!!. I have noticed recently though that she is getting better at not always saying first thing on her mind.  I made dinner on Saturday Night and had made a dish in slow cooker (which I didn’t think anything could go wrong with) but it did.  My husband late home from work and by this time slow cooker had been on for about 10 hours.  The meal was revolting, even if I do say it myself, John said he enjoyed it but he hadn’t eaten since early morning.  I couldn’t eat it and said that it was horrible and poor Kirsty immediately put down cutlery and said ‘thank goodness’ I am hating it but didn’t want to hurt you. So progress indeed.  I will be keeping everybody informed as I realise many of you have children much younger than Kirsty and attended a meeting on Friday at her school to discuss options as she is due to leave in June. Another minefield.

Well now for Entrepreneur bit, progress on prototypes for school uniform is a bit slow (due to time of year I presume with so many events happening). The good news is that online shop should be up and running sometime this week.  At present only selling socks, seamless and made of bamboo cotton.  I have received feedback from those I asked to trial them and it has been very positive. New lines such as seamless underwear will be added and I hope to eventually become a one stop shop where you will be able to purchase from a wide range of clothing.  I know from surveys that people kindly filled in that there was a need for socks for all ages which is why we also have them available in mens sizes.  So I appreciate any feedback on things like what you would like to see on sale here.

So for now try not to get too stressed!!!

Kirstys Quote

‘Others laugh at me for being different, I laugh at them for all being the same’

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