Diary of Mum/Carer and would Be Entrepreneur aged 58

Well last blog before Christmas, not long now until Santa arrives. School finished and we had to do usual keep Kirsty off the last day or two as she hates it when routine is not followed. When teachers put on DVDs she cannot bear the noise in the classroom I know most children love last few days with no work and partying. Don’t get me wrong it is not that she loves school and the work (she just realises that is something she has to do). This year GCSEs Kirsty is doing foundation GCSE’s and already dreading the battles of trying to get her to revise.

It is worrying as she will be leaving school in June and has no idea what she is going to do. I am trying to persuade her to pick a course to do at local college but she has no idea what she wants to do. Attended a meeting at her school last week to be told that once she leaves school all help stops. Having said that if you could do a degree in Mine craft the could go straight to University and get a First. She could not have gotten through last five years at school without her brilliant classroom assistant. A worrying time but must try to put all worries aside and enjoy Christmas. Also hope I get presents right as when I ask what she would like her answer is nothing (probably what she would really like is to get to play mine craft for 48 hours with no interruptions and food carried up to her room). She won’t be getting that!!!. I am not even sure if she likes Christmas, she likes getting off school but all the socialising and trips out she could definitely do without.

Well now for business part, it has been going well and I now have samples of materials and have saw sketches of the clothes. I hope to have prototypes ready for early in new year. Meanwhile I will continue to get other items such as socks and underwear and although I have some I intend to source more. I am very conscious that many do buy these items but only from overseas with very expensive postage. There is so much to be done to bring things to fruition and some of it is out of my hands and patience is not one of my virtues (except when I have to ask Kirsty several times to do a chore). I am telling myself it is Christmas and I must switch off but very difficult to do. I should get husband to hide laptop and then I will have to stop. I intend to get as much done as I can before I will have to say goodbye to laptop for two days.

So apart from Kirsty’s quote which I will get as soon as I can get her out of bed all that is left is for me to with you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

4 hours later


I am a visual thinker, not a language based thinker My brain is like Google Maps

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