Diary of a Mum/Carer would be Entrepreneur aged 58

Well firstly I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. This is the first blog of 2017. So I hope you will continue to follow our journey as we try to bring our products to market – you can shop now at shop.spectrasensory.co.uk and browse our first products of seamless sensory socks.

On the home front, Kirsty hadn’t asked for anything for Christmas and when prompted to say what she would like it was the usual nothing.  So I bought presents I thought she would like including a new set of headphones which were apparently very good for gaming as well as other bits and pieces as you do. She did say she was tired when I wakened her, as I am more excited than the children ever were. There was a set of particular speakers I had heard her say she liked and when these were opened her response was ‘oh you remembered I liked these’.  That I have to say folks was Kirsty’s reaction to all her presents (zilch).  Thank goodness my son was more appreciative he really liked his gifts.  He had also bought Kirsty a lovely present and had written very nice things about her on inside cover of a book.  You could have heard a pin drop as we waited to see if she gave any response. I could have got annoyed but I understand what Kirsty is like although one family member did put it down as being ungrateful.  I had warned Kirsty that she would have to show some enthusiasm when getting gifts from others, well one gift was a watch so her response was ‘this isn’t at the right time’.  The next day when she received some gifts from another relative, I was trying again to get some enthusiasm from her by saying one of her presents was so nice I might have to take it, to which she replied you can have it now. Not the response I nor the gift giver had in mind.  When Kirsty was young she was quite social and can still be, not with real people though just playing minecraft or some other game on x box.

I was talking to someone recently who is caring for a parent who has dementia and they told me the worst bit is when they say things that really hurt, you know they don’t mean it but it is still upsetting.  I was in England last weekend for a funeral and Kirsty was being looked after by a family member who has children one of them being Kirsty’s best and only friend. (he is ten she is sixteen).  I know Kirsty doesn’t do phones (will text but never talk).  I did try to phone her but just got text to say she was sorry she missed my call so I just text to tell her I loved her and was missing her.  The same thing happened the next night (she was sorry she had missed call), I replied that she could call me, to which she replied ‘I don’t want to now’.  The child must have realised that didn’t sound quite right so she text to see if I minded her not calling me I told her it was okay so the one word answer was thanks.

That is the other thing you need to when your child is on the spectrum, a very thick skin. We picked her up on our way home from our travels and as soon as she got home, she didn’t ask anything about our weekend and disappeared upstairs to x box.

Now for the business bit.  I am only really getting into my stride now but I do have socks which are 97% seam free and made of lovely bamboo cotton.  Next week I have meeting to pin down the design and hopefully that will then mean I should have prototypes soon.  I am excited to see finished product and more importantly what you all think of it.  Can I ask if any of you are interested in school uniforms or any other item can you drop me a line at meta@spectrasensoryclothing.com.

For those who have boys moving up to high school I think they will be of great interest.  The trousers will have elasticated waist but also look like they have zip and button, they will be made of durable material but inside will be brushed cotton, they will only have seam down outside leg and labels will be attached on outside so it can be easily removed. Shirts will be short sleeved but instead of stiff collar will have a softer one that still enables wearer to have a tie.

Now for Kirsty’s Quote

(which are getting shorter, depends though, on when you ask her if she is on xbox you get one line).

“Autism is not a disability it’s a different ability”

I usually finish before the quote but would love to draw your attention to a song Kirsty played to me from YouTube and I have to say it made me cry.  I hope you like it

View the song here.

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