Diary of a Mum & Carer aged 58

Well on the mum and carer front it has been difficult, as at sixteen Kirsty must leave school in June.  I found the transition meeting that took place in her school very disappointing.  I have now heard same from other parents.  They basically just tell you that at sixteen statement stops and you are on your own, your child gets no further help.  They do suggest college, but it shows how little they understand autism as my daughter will not even go to canteen in school or go to school last few days of term as she is very sensitive to noise.  She could never cope with college.

So, they just expect our children to finish school and sit at home all day.  I know that is the last thing parents want.  However, during the business bit we found a great place where your child can get help.  It is a place called USEL where they employ people who would otherwise probably be unemployed.  It employs people who may be blind, deaf and those on autism spectrum.  I could not believe I hadn’t heard of this place.  The head of operations is called Arthur Savage and his telephone number is 02890356600 so if you have a child on the spectrum who is coming up to 16 and not going to 6th form give this place a call. I had been really worried about what Kirsty could do after school, but visiting here has taken a lot of the stress and worry away.  I would ask you all to share this as I am sure I am not the only mother wondering what will happen to her child when they leave school

Now for the Entrepreneur bit, well things are moving at an incredible place and now our shop is open on webpage.  I brought these socks in as in research there was a big demand.  The ones I have at present are 97% seam free but made from bamboo cotton which is a lovely soft material and those who have tried them have said their children have liked then.  The good news is for those who are very sensitive and cannot wear a sock that has a cuff at top we are going to be sole distributor in Ireland for Smartknit who make such socks and seamless underwear and should have some in stock within next few weeks.  We will let everyone know when they arrive.

So now for Kirsty’s Quote and I got such feedback regarding song last week you will find below a link to another


“We don’t know how strong we are, until being strong is the only choice we have”

Finally, a very apt and moving tribute by Ilan Galkoff aged 12 about having Autism – click here to view.

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