Well it seems like a long time since I have written this blog as so much has happened.  I will start on the mum front.  Kirsty is 16 now and will be leaving school this June.  I know it is a problem for more people than me as you wonder how they will cope with change.  Kirsty states she knows she must work, but will be difficult if she is still not talking to people other than family.  I did not think she would be able to cope with the local college due to issues around noise and I had no idea that she would still get help. Well thanks to a seminar held in Belfast last Saturday 25th February by the Middletown Centre for Autism I now feel less pessimistic.  The transition meeting at school I came away from with an awful sense of dread.  However, I now realise that there are options and much more help than I would ever had thought off. One of the things mentioned by a speaker who has Asperger’s is that he found the transition from child to adult difficult and it is something that has troubled Kirsty she does not want to grow up. If you want any further information you can email me with your number and I will give you a call. (meta@spectrasenssoryclothing.com).  I will keep you informed of our journey.  At present Kirsty is doing GCSE’s only the foundation ones, which is brilliant but she is under a lot of stress at minute and don’t know if this is best option for her but apparently, no choice in mainstream school.  She is statemented and has a brilliant classroom assistant who I cannot praise highly enough.  I don’t like to see her upset and help as much as I can.  Of course, she knows she is not going to be judged whatever her results.  Anytime anyone asks her what she wants to do she has said she is going to work for me.  I must point out that I am only a “would be” entrepreneur and can’t afford to pay her.


Now for that bit, I should have prototypes by Friday and this week I will have Smartknit seamless socks and underwear so please keep checking page.  Again, if you are interested in any items that we are producing or in the items from Smarknit either email me at above or private message me on Facebook and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Two of the items being produced are school trousers and shirts but are being produced to look the same as normal uniform but made for children on autistic spectrum.  We will also have jogging bottoms and hoodie again jogging bottoms made to that there is no back or front and can be worn either way and our t-shirts will be same.


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