Diary of Mum/Carer and would be Entrepreneur aged 58 (and a tiny little bit) 11th March 2017

Well I am beginning to think that my blogging is a bit like buses, none for a long time then two in quick succession.

I am going to have start this on the Entrepreneur front.  Very exciting times as, I have already posted this week took delivery of two of my prototypes, the school trousers and shirt.  They are for aged 12 so if anyone has a son or daughter around that age I would appreciate it, if they could try products.  If younger or older children don’t worry they will be coming in all sizes.  I do need though some children to try them out so we can get sizing right and of course find out if they are comfortable and the children will wear them. I feel I should do a drum roll here, finally took delivery of Smartknit seamless socks and underwear.  I must say not like anything I have ever saw before but not a seam or label in sight and if your child is extra sensitive these will be a blessing to you.  They are well travelled, having left Kansas they went to Philadelphia, Chicago, Cologne in Germany then to Ireland and then back to customers in Coventry.   Very stressful time tracking them and the biggest shock of all the import duty.  However, the socks will be cheaper than Amazon and cheaper than postage from America.  They really are unique hopefully by the time this goes up you will be able to go to shop and see for yourself.  It has been a very hard week and a week that involved a lot of worry and anxiety. It is just as well I am passionate about cause.

Well on the mum front it has been a difficult week as well, although some great highlights as well but I can’t mention them here as they are Kirsty’s story if she ever feels she can share it.  Kirsty is statemented and has a classroom assistant but as she is at mainstream school she must do GCSEs albeit the foundation stream. It has been very difficult to try and get her to revise especially subjects she has no interest in i.e. most of them English, Math, LLW, she does like Geography though.  She has been getting very stressed about them, she does go to a private tutor once a week for extra math and the school is doing a class after school for an hour and a half on Monday’s.  Apparently, Kirsty gets all her answers correct in class but when they are all on paper together she gets mixed up As I have also said before it there was a degree in Minecraft she would get a First.  For all you with young children wondering what the future holds I would say don’t worry.  I have spent years worrying and now the time is here and I have found there is help there but you do need to look for it.  I certainly did not get it from the school.  My beautiful, lovely, innocent daughter is such a blessing although you may not think it when you see her quote.

Kirsty’s quote

God created Autism to help offset the excessive number of boring people on earth

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