Diary of a Mum/Carer and Very Stressed Would Be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a little bit

Well here we are nearly at end of March and close to Easter. I have to admit I have been so busy I still don’t know what date is actually Easter and more importantly the school holidays. My poor daughter I am sure is feeling really neglected (she won’t be really as if I wasn’t she would be revising every day). Very stressful that, Kirsty is doing Foundation GCSE’s which I think means the top mark in that is a C. I am not complaining as many said she would not make it to this stage so I am very grateful. It is all thanks to her brilliant classroom assistant but she does find it very stressful. So still trying to be best mum I can while also trying to grow business, more on the business bit later. I am in mummy mode first this time. I have spent quite a few years worrying about what Kirsty would do when school finished. I did know she would not get back in to go to sixth form nor would I want her to as she would not be able to take the pressure.

Kirsty loves her cats, we have since got a dog but she doesn’t like him. For a while everything we got her had cats on it, from t-shirts to cups to pictures and although she hasn’t said anything I get the feeling that she thinks she is a bit old for all that stuff (for those of you new to the page Kirsty is sixteen.) A couple of years ago trying to make her think of what she would like to do after school, we enquired at a local animal charity to see if she could do something voluntary with them. They said she could come in on Saturday’s for two hours and sit with the cats and kittens, we by the way thought she would love this. Not a chance as it would have meant talking to people as if someone came in to take a cat home she would have to speak to them. Only to talk about cats and say if they were playful, shy etc. and she couldn’t do it. When she was younger going to appointments with OT’s and other professionals the only thing she would talk about was cats. Every other subject was off limits. It went something like this
Occupational Therapist “ Well Kirsty how was school today”?
Kirsty “Jasper (the cat) woke me up last night”
OT “Did you have a good holiday” Kirsty “?
Kirsty “Jasper had a fight with another cat today
And so it would go on they would try every trick in the book to change subject but to no avail. I could go on giving examples of how frustrating it sometimes was to have conversations but oh the joy when they do something new or unexpected and I am happy to report she has got better. Still like pulling hens teeth to get a conversation were it not for notebook that classroom assistant fills in for me each day I would have no idea what has happened that day.

Well back to old entrepreneurial bit now. As I said it has been hectic this last couple of weeks but thank you so much everyone for your support. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I now have all the prototypes and although some not made how they will actually be in the final garment it is heartening to have got this far. I have even got out to meet some parents and their children which was great, that is the enjoyable part of this and listening to their feedback. To those of you south of the border who probably have no idea about the school exam structure here I apologise. If we lived there I don’t think Kirsty would manage a leaving cert. I am looking forward to our visit to the Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk this week and showing people what I have been talking about for last six months.

Now this is where I do need everyone’s help. We as a company are covered by the data protection act I do have number if you need to see it. I am asking if you would send me some details your name, email address, and telephone number. It is so I can send out an email or text message when we have news of what we are doing next . Also as I am starting out and will be heading to manufacturing stage next if you could just give the sex, age and colour of school shirt that your child would be wearing at it would really inform me of next strategic move. This is purely voluntary on your part and you can rest assured your information will not be passed onto anyone else. It would also be helpful if you could say town or county where you live as I do want to get out and show people the products which means when they are manufactured you will have already saw them and know what they are like before you (hopefully) buy them. You can send me a private message on Face book or email me at meta@spectrasensoryclothing.com.

I do apologise for the length of this but was a lot to tell this week.

Kirsty’s Quote

“One reason why autistic people often seem rude is that other people often seem rude to us”

Do look out for another post I will be putting up which is from the National Autistic Transition team, who are a great help for children about to leave school although they do advise getting in touch when your child is fourteen years of age. I will put their email and phone number up and if you send a message or leave a message on answering machine they will get back to you. I hope it will be of some help to those who have teenagers on spectrum.

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