Diary of Mum/Carer and would be Entrepreneur aged 58 (and a little bit)

Well where do I start? I feel like I am sitting my GCSE’s all over again trying to get my daughter to revise. I asked her to make sure she had everything home that was needed for revision. I wanted to work on her LLW which she is very weak on, for those who don’t know what this is, it covers current affairs and issues relating to the wider world for example equality, citizenship, relationships and I won’t get on to the questions they were asked to answer on THAT SUBJECT. My poor daughter got so embarrassed whilst we were covering this and most of it was over her head.
I have sent her to a youth club run by The Cedar Foundation for children on spectrum. She did not want to go, so again had to fall on the old blackmail tactic!!! She is a very good child and I know she is struggling but a lovely mother commented on last blog about her daughter and how well she had done in her studies and even taking on part time job and the possibility is there for university. It is heartening to read stories like hers. Kirsty leaves school in June and has no idea what she wants to do. It will not be in customer relations as that would mean talking, she also wouldn’t be good in retail for same reason and heaven help us if someone asked her opinion on an item they were trying on, people would never shop their again. We are considering photography courses as she is good at that and she could work alone. When I have proper website and my online shop sorted I will put some of her photo’s up.
Now for the would-be Entrepreneur bit, we are nearly there and will have our uniforms ready in plenty of time for start of new school year. We attended an event held by Antrim Autistic NI support group which was excellent and we had a lot of valuable feedback from parents who were there and children.
I cannot say too much as it may not work out, but we are hoping that some of the items can be manufactured here in Belfast in a social enterprise company that employs people who may have difficulty getting employment anywhere else. They hire people with learning difficulties, people who have lost their sight, some with physical disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. I am hoping this works out as we can then say, “Made in Belfast by people on autistic spectrum for people on autistic spectrum”
My to do list now spans about three pages but we are happy to go on road so you can see what we are talking about so if there is a shopping centre near you that you would like to see us at just message me. The same goes for schools, support groups we would be more than happy to visit. We will be selling online (once I get decent shop up) but we will probably have small retail unit when we move into new premises.
If you require any more information or we can help in any way please message me. I must call daughter down from her Xbox to give her quote

“Autism is not a choice, Acceptance is. Imagine if the opposite was true

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