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Diary of a Mum/Carer would be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a bit

Well it has been a bit hectic since last writing on here. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Middletown’s 10th Anniversary Conference in the Titanic Centre, Belfast with guest speaker Dr Temple Grandin. I had an exhibition stand at conference showing our final prototypes and was delighted with response. Indeed, Temple Grandin mentioned it in her address as she was explaining her sensory difficulties, and even stated that it was about time someone was tackling this especially the school uniforms. So, as you can imagine I was beyond happy but this was also due to hearing from parents, teachers and people on spectrum. The school shirts were especially well received, they loved the feel, the soft collar, the extra wide buttonhole at top and when I pointed out that all buttons on shirt apart from top three were just there to make it look like any other school shirt and it could be put on over the head for many that was the icing on the cake. All items were very well received I so can’t wait until they are manufactured, then you will be able to buy them. It would help though if you were to email or message me on Facebook with the colour of trousers black, grey and the same for shirts. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. I realize now this time of the year many are just waiting to get through this school year before thinking about schools going back in September. However, I know many of you with children on spectrum moving from one school to another, you will probably be worrying about how they will manage uniform in post primary school. I know letters arrived on Saturday and I hope not too many were disappointed they didn’t get first choice.

For you that follow me on this journey I thank you as it really does make a difference and now the end is in sight (at least for these items) and very shortly will be looking at next range. I am also going to be stocking books for parents, many just giving tips on how you can make life just a little bit easier. I know it is a bit old fashioned now (as most of you will use internet) but bear in mind my age when all knowledge was gained by reading a book. If not for you they would be great for family members who maybe do not realise why your child behaves the way he/she does.

This is all very serious stuff so about time you heard how life with teenager was going. The frightening thing is she has basically left school, only has to go in when revision classes or exams are on. I found out more of what was available to her by doing my research for company. The schools should be giving out this information instead of what I was told “she was sixteen and therefore no extra help after she leaves school”. This is not true so do not despair. It does start quite early though at fourteen they are asking them to make choices and what career thy would like. Kirsty says she must do the exams to get a job, I pointed out that you also had to talk to people, I can just imagine a job interview. The interviewer asking her questions to which every reply would be met with a shy look and I don’t know. Mind you that would be good as if it was someone who was overweight or had a slightly long nose she would probably be able to verbalise that. As your children get older you really must teach them or try to at least to teach the basics of good manners. Kirsty has mobile which she never uses and it is never on. If wanting something she would text, never speak on phone and the text are usually quite blunt. I couldn’t believe it last week when she a) got her picture taken with Temple Grandin and b) she let me put it on Facebook.

I just know now there will be people googling Temple Grandin. So, it is goodbye for now and talk soon

Kirsty’s Quote:

Autism: It is not a processing error. It is a different operating system

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