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Diary of a Mum/Carer, Would Be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a bit

Well if you are like me you are wondering where the time has gone. For those mothers who will be buying their first school uniform they will feel their child has grown up too quickly. You will cry just as I have shed tears because, this is first time in twenty years that I will not be buying one. I am very proud of my daughter having come so far after the prognosis that she would plateau at seven or eight. So, to all those mother’s whose children are on spectrum don’t give up on them, with the right help they will surprise you. I must confess that Kirsty had the best classroom assistant ever and the same one all through her years from year 8 until now. One tip I would give is (providing classroom assistant agrees) to put a little note book into the child’s bag and ask if they would put something in it every day. It is the only way you will ever know what your child did that day. As they get older it will be the only way you will know if they have homework. As we all know our children are not that sociable and if it wasn’t for that book I wouldn’t have known about trips they had been on or they had been to a talk. I didn’t even know Kirsty had been to see a careers officer, it wasn’t much help as Kirsty wouldn’t talk to her. People always felt sorry for Kirsty as every day she would go to Senco’s room to eat lunch. She was happy she hated the canteen and she also never drank anything all day even water with her lunch in case she had to ask to use bathroom. One more exam to go, I have tried constantly to get her to revise with very little joy. As you probably all know when trying to get your child to do something they don’t want can lead to massive melt down. If there is one thing I have learnt parenting a child on spectrum, and I should say the same goes for teenagers who aren’t, is that you should pick your battles.

Now onto the business bit, if your child is on spectrum please don’t buy your uniform yet as we will have ours in July. You may have already tried and found they don’t like the feel don’t despair our uniforms are made specifically for those on spectrum. When I have been out and about on the road people have loved our shirts. For those of you with post primary boys our trousers again will look the same as any other school trouser except they will have elastic waist and feel much softer on the inside. I do need to know though what colour shirts or trousers are needed. I am putting order in on Friday and would appreciate it, if you could drop a message or email if you need a colour of shirt or trouser. I don’t want to disappoint anybody. Also over July/August I will be going on the road again so if you want me to come to a place near you let me know. I can come if you are a group of mums or I can go and set up for a day/or two depending on where you are, at a shopping centre near you. Do not worry if you have not got colour required in by Friday I will be re-ordering very quickly again.

Kirsty’s Quote:

Sometimes you have to look at the world a little differently to see how amazing children with autism are.  (As you can see from this quote Kirsty does not do irony nor modesty)

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