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Our Crowdfunding campaign is live!

Visit our page and please support this life-changing project!

We are a new company just founded in October last year. Fourteen years ago I adopted a little girl who was later diagnosed with autism. I knew very little about the condition but attended seminars and information days and it was there I learnt about sensory issues around clothing. It certainly stopped the rows in the house over her not wearing all the new clothes I would have bought for her.

Hence the idea for Spectra Sensory Clothing was born. I received Innovation Vouchers from Invest NI and we developed 5 items made specifically for children on Spectrum, School shirts, school trousers, t-shirt, hoodie and jogging bottoms.

They all have been really well received and in fact we have a database of over 500 waiting for trousers and shirts.

Apart from Innovation Vouchers we haven’t received any funding and have brought company to this stage entirely funded by ourselves. The reason for this page is to raise money to have all of our prototypes manufactured and to be able to place a large enough order that will ensure best price for customers.

We would love you to visit our crowdfunding page to learn more about us. You can also email me at or telephone 07845130308 where I will be happy to provide any further information you require.

Visit our page and please support this life-changing project!

Meta Auden

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