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Diary of Mum/Carer Would Be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a bit

Well mums, the day you have been either looking forward to (or dreading) is here. As Alice Cooper would say “Schools out for the summer”. For my younger reader’s Alice Cooper was a bit of a legend in his day. Let us hope the weather improves, and it doesn’t rain everyday. My daughter has left school now and hasn’t a clue what she wants to do. I don’t think she would manage college as it was only due to her brilliant classroom assistant that she has remained in mainstream, and me helping with homework’s (I say help you practically did them for her after two hours of her not coming up with any answers) To be fair she does work and she really wants good results, Kirsty doing Foundation GCSE’s so highest mark is a c but I will be happy whatever results she gets. I don’t think my husband has read any of the posts that I put up relating to autism. He keeps trying to get Kirtsy into retail or volunteering in charity shops, this is a girl who will not take a drink all day while at school in case she had to put her hand up to ask for bathroom. She literally sat on her own every lunchtime in Sencos room. I have pointed out that to go into retail you have to be able to speak, poor Kirsty finds it hard enough to talk to us let alone strangers. I think we will try to get her into animal shelter or cat’s protection league, somewhere where she doesn’t have to speak. She couldn’t work in factory even if we still had some here, due to the noise as she is very sensitive to noise. I have said before if there was a degree in Minecraft she would get a first. Will be keeping you all posted as we go through transition from school to workplace. I don’t mind if it is volunteering she has been told there is no way she will be lounging abut playing Minecraft. Kirsty will be taking part at beginning of August in a scheme run by Cedar Foundation. It is only three days but they will be endeavouring to teach her how to order a cup of tea in a restaurant and how to plan a bus journey. It is a real dilemma, we know some of the things we are making her do (like go to shop close to home)do cause her anxiety but I feel we have to try and get her to push her boundaries. She thinks she is coming to work for me I told her I would think about when I can afford to take a salary myself. So on that note onto the business.

We are striding forward and will have our t-shirts and school shirts by end of next week with trousers following shortly. I have been very busy, I did an interview for local station NvTv which went out on Monday night and was very well received. I have done a few more for magazines so plenty of business awareness. I have also received some emails from parents saying lovely things about our products, which you will see on interview. I did something last week that I wasn’t comfortable doing and that was starting a crowdfunding page I always would have associated them with charity. But believe it or not that was what I was told to do, when looking for funding as bank will not help until you start selling but I cannot start selling until I have my products. I am not able to manufacture all products due to lack of funding so I had to make a decision and knew that people were depending on uniforms, so pension fund down even more. I know I will eventually get funding and I have some more applications to fill in but time has been problem with so many other things to do like find a manufacturer. I can say t-shirts and school shirts are being made in Northern Ireland. I need to re-order socks but haven’t been able to. Again I am trying to get them manufactured as bringing them in from states was expensive. In the next few weeks I will have to improve shop although you can still buy socks and t-shirts will be available from next week.

I want to prove to the powers that be that this is a lifeline for some people especially the school uniform. As I said I had an email from a lady this week that made me very emotional but it is your comments and emails that keep me going. So I am not doing a great big ask I will put the link to our crowdfunder page but what I would like to ask you to do pledge £1.00 no more just a pound. If everybody who watches the interview or reads this post pledges just £1.00 it will show how many people are affected by autism. Do not worry if you cannot it is not a problem I could sell 500 pairs of school trousers and then the bank will say yes. How much more powerful a message it would be if the thousands who read this, pledged one pound. There is the argument as well that the more I order the cheaper the price for me and therefore you.

Well glad to get that of my chest and sorry for the ask please do not let it put you off.

Come and see us this Saturday (8th July) at Kennedy Centre from 9-3.

Now for

Kirsty’s Quote
(not actually hers but Dr Temple Grandin’s, but she said it is her favourite)

What would happen if the Autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socialising and not getting anything done

Blog post for carers of autistic children

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