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Diary of a Mum/Carer/would be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a bit

Well it seems a long time since I have last written one of these, but I wasn’t on holiday, or doing anything relaxing.  It has all been work, work and more work but it has not been in vain. I am so glad to say that from Saturday you will be able to buy your shirts and trousers for school.  For those of you who have been following this, it has not been easy.  I should have had prototypes long before I did and then trying to find fabric, find manufacturer I have never spent so long in a car in my life.


Have other products to get manufactured like jogging bottoms etc but I have just concentrated on getting the school items as they are the most pressing at the minute. So, come September I will start manufacturing our other products and I will be looking into seamless underwear.  Also, I will be starting to think about Christmas and what we can do for then.  All ideas greatly received.  I have done the best I can for this year by cajoling, bullying and sometimes resorting to blackmail (only joking) to get this far.  I do know that our products are more expensive than the large supermarkets but they do compare to the best of the high end of market. Many reasons, I do not have spending power to order thousands as we have not received any funding yet.  They are manufactured here and ethically produced.  I do not believe in people having to pay more for these products and will start lobbying school boards well before next year.  I thought all kid’s clothes were zero vat but to my surprise a child is classed as an adult at 13. So even though they are still at school from thirteen you must add vat, although all our prices include vat. We did some crowdfunding which did fall short of the mark, so we can use that and if someone gets help with uniform or on a very low budget I am sure we can help. Haven’t worked out yet how we can do this as we would need some type of proof.


I am exhausted but glad to finally have products as I had promised so many of you that ours would be available for this school year and I know we have cut it fine but we are there. Probably a two-week delivery date at minute as I have had so many pre-orders.


Now for the mum/carer bit I am ashamed to say my poor daughter has been a bit neglected, not that she is complaining as her dad still making all her meals. He is as bad as she is for the computer, angry birds for him and Minecraft for Kirsty. Kirsty is getting a bit anxious as next week she is doing a three-day course with the Cedar Foundation.  They are preparing them for life and will be doing such things as visiting a café and placing order, mapping out a bus journey and taking a bus. Kirsty is 16 but has never been on a bus on her own in her life, hates the noise, frightened someone might speak to her. She still doesn’t know what she wants to do, so come September I am going to make sure we have some time away.  Look out for upcoming event Opening Event 10% of socks with any other purchase



Kirsty Quote

 “I may have a long road ahead but I can make it as I have taught my family well about thinking outside the box”




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