Diary of a Mum/Carer and a very tired would be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a bit

Well definitely time for a catch up to let you know what is going on. I am sorry I did not have my school trousers’ and shirts ready earlier, but manufacturing problems meant I did not receive them until last week in August. However, those have bought them have been very complimentary so please read their reviews.

It is that time again and I have another innovation voucher, which I am thinking of using to develop a more autism friendly polo shirt. I also thought as I had done wide fitting t-shirts I would do a fitted one with long sleeves. I would welcome any suggestions; our jogging bottoms will hopefully be manufactured very soon. I am also thinking underwear and still trying to get seamless socks made nearer to home. I felt about 30 when I started this, I now feel about ninety. I so need a holiday but unfortunately not this year. I think because we have had so much rain it has seemed like we had no summer. I do like all the seasons and let’s face it, easier to get children to bed when it is dark outside.

As I said we have been very busy, for any of you who have been looking at our shop, the casual range is very limited i.e. one black t-shirt, jogging bottoms will go there when ready. As I hope you know the material for the t-shirts was chosen because most children liked the feel of it, the seams are on outside but they look no different from others, also no back or front so can be worn either way. And no labels. I had mentioned previously that I would be doing some t-shirts for Halloween and some novel one’s for Christmas. Well bit of a cottage industry going on here, Kirsty thought we should tie dye them so we did. The only problem with that is, no two are the same so it will involve us taking lots of photographs and having to upload them onto shop. So hopefully they will be up in shop by end of week. You can have a preview though as Kirsty is modelling one, let us know what you think. We will be doing white tie dye ones that are more girlfriendly (that was probably very un PC of me to say that) Other thing happening in business is that we are now looking for premises before my entire house gets taken over with boxes. I am hoping eventually when I get premises that I will be able to employ people who are on spectrum.

On the mum front Kirsty started a placement within Usel and for the first four weeks they are learning lots of different social behaviours and then hopefully they get a placement. They will be fine if they do not put Kirsty in retail.

There are three boys in it and three girls including herself told me today she met someone called Ollie who she was in love with, turned out it was a horse as they go out once a week to an outdoor centre. She only has to go three days a week which I think is probably enough for her. So below see Kirsty modelling our new range of t-shirts

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