Diary of a Mum/Carer/Would be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a big bit.


16th October 2017

I am just looking at my age above, when I started this I was 57 and three quarters. I do feel as though I have aged ten years but that is only on a difficult day. Well I will start with the entrepreneur bit, I am delighted with the reviews on page regarding our shirts and I know they were a bit late for many of you but that was down to manufacturers. We have started getting a bit creative with our t-shirts as you can see from Kirsty modelling one below. I will be adding more, some nice ones in white with pink/purple and many other colours. Doing them this way means no two will be the same as it is impossible to get two to turn out identical. I just think that represents our children as each one of them is unique. We have started on new range of items, one is going to be a tighter t-shirt with long sleeves again choosing fabric very carefully. I know I keep harping on about “when you have met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism. Hence the need for two types of t-shirts as some like them large and others prefer a tighter version that nearly hugs them. Again, seams on outside no labels etc. We are also going to do polo shirts and a round neck fleece. There are so many items that if made specifically for people on spectrum would make life much easier for both parents and children. I do think next time and there will be one, I am going to look at underwear. I would encourage you to show your children the t-shirts and tell them they are specially made just for them and no one else will have one. Not quite true you can tell them that many people like to wear these shirts so they will not look different. As I write this the wind is really picking up and most things have closed for day including many shops and there has been quite a bit of damage so if going out be safe.

Now for the mum bit, Kirsty started a course with Usel a few weeks ago and she seems to like it. Poor them must find a placement for her and she will have to repeat her English and Maths GCSE’s although I was delighted that she took five and passed two. It was closed today so the unfortunate thing was put to work doing a stock take. I will be posting a picture of Kirsty modelling some more of our t-shirts but she will look very different as she has had haircut. She didn’t get it cut for reasons of vanity, it was simply a nuisance as it took so long to dry and she never did anything with it nor would she let me. So, no quote from her this time I was lucky she agreed to picture as I would never put anything up about her unless she was happy



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