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Diary of a Mum/Carer, would be Entrepreneur aged 58 and a big bit

Well another month, another blog just to keep you good people up to date and I am starting to wonder if the old saying is true “the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass”

Good news is, back at Belfast Met to expand the range, I know I have not got jogging bottoms manufactured yet but this time making a tight t-shirt with long sleeves almost like it is giving you a hug, a polo shirt and crew neck fleece.  Again, it will all be in the fabric and the stitching.  The ones we have at moment are on the large side and the neck is wider (this is purely because it can be worn either way, no back or front) So if anybody wants to buy a Christmas gift for child on spectrum don’t forget about our t-shirts and socks.  We will be running a promotion on socks in the run up to Christmas.  If your child needs a shirt for special occasion and you wouldn’t normally get them to wear one, try ours. They look the same as any other shirt, but they do not feel like it.  Read the reviews and see what people are saying about them.

My biggest problem is manufacturing so hard to get, well I have had some quotes, but they were coming in more expansive than what I am selling them for at present. I am doing my best to keep costs down, but we do use more expensive fabric and a lot more work on seams, so they are not prominent. However, if someone received voucher for school uniform I am happy to help.  So still working away, and now have some people training at Met in use of machines and the specialist stitches required. My aim is to set up a small manufacturing unit and employ some people who are on spectrum.  We wouldn’t be experienced enough to do trousers and shirts at present, but we can hopefully produce t-shirts, jogging bottoms.  Any experienced seamstresses please get in touch.  I am ashamed to say that one lady called Patricia contacted me reference this, but I have mislaid her number.  We are working towards that ‘tag line’ Made in Belfast by people with autism for people with autism.

Now for the mummy part, I have to say Kirsty is coming on in leaps and bounds socially as well as in confidence. She still must learn some aspects of socialising like if her dad winds her up she must not react by hitting him, mind you I am not saying he doesn’t deserve it.  He winds her up all the time.  She is still attending Usel three days a week and in process of getting ready to do GCSE’s in English and Maths.  We did take her to the sewing classes (she only agreed if she could sit near her dad) It turned out she was the best of the lot of us.  I was the worst.  Kirsty was onto curves, circles and a more difficult fabric, I was still on trying to sew a straight line. She had thought she was going to learn about stiches by someone writing them on a board which she would then have to try and write down.  Kirsty has always said she is a visual learner as she was so much happier that she was going to learn by doing.

Please also remember if you would like us to visit your school or support group please just message me

Now for “Kirsty’s Quote”

I wish people would realise that I like my special interests and being on my own to pursue these, instead of trying to insist that I spend time with them doing things that cause me stress like having to speak to visitors

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