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Diary of a mum/carer/would be entrepreneur aged 58 and a big bit

Entrepreneurial bit first, although I have to say unless I a write another blog in two days’ time which will not be happening I will have to change the 8 above to a 9 Well it has been very busy we are keeping our fingers crossed that finally, we think we have premises.  I really need them, as at present every spare inch is taken up with stock.

It will be great to meet you and your children.  I will be surprised if many mums will have time to read this as very busy time of year. I love Christmas and this time next year you will be able to buy Christmas outfits from us that your children will not mind wearing.  We could even get them to make their own design to print on t shirt or fleece.  I do hope you have saw our remarkable offer which finishes in two days buy anything from shop although 6th December is National Sock Day and you get a free pair of tieless shoe laces.  They are great you never have to tie laces again as once you put them in it enables you to just slip shoe on and off.  They are great, and a lot of people buy from us who are not on spectrum.  The laces would be great for older people or others who have problems tying laces.  I also think they are great when travelling especially at airports now that you must take shoes off. They come in black/pink/white. If you are not sure what we are talking about have a look at them on our Facebook page.

We are constantly adding products although I do still have prototypes that need manufactured and at present we are working on other designs, our first t-shirts were made quite wide and because of the way collar was shaped you could wear them either way (i.e. no back or front.  This time we are doing a long sleeve fitted one, this will feel like someone hugging you.  We all know that all children on spectrum are different, have different issues around clothing so we needed to do a choice. We also hope to have polo shirts this year and a round neck fleece. When premises open you will be able to come and see stock and have a look at how our items differ and we would love you to bring your children they can see and more importantly feel the items. So very busy at present.

Now for the mummy bit.  I am happy to say that Kirsty is improving with age, but only because she has been pushed out of her comfort zone. She attends Usel three days a week and will be resitting English and Maths GCSE and they also look for a placement.  This is the difficulty with Kirsty, she doesn’t want to work in office as she might have to answer phone and retail no good as that involves speaking to customers. Ideally, she would like to work with animals.  There are four people attending classes at Belfast Met on sewing and my husband is one of them.  As he was going we persuaded Kirsty to go along it turned out she was best of all them and is doing very well.  When she is fully trained up she may be able to come and work for me.  I intend eventually to hire people on spectrum.  The worst bit of this week was she had to go shopping as a wedding coming up and she was told she could not wear jeans.  It was like an operation, but I had asked my niece to go and my sister as if it had only been us we would have ended up arguing and I would have gone home.  She was not happy she was made to try everything on and they kept bringing her different items (I haven’t been able to get her into a changing room in her life, but we eventually got her sorted.  I was a bit annoyed at sister Kirsty, was admiring a grey fleece and money had been sent for her birthday so sister let her pick that.  What is wrong with that you may ask?  What is wrong is that she has around 10 of them all in same colour GRAY I have been trying to prise her out of them for the last two years.  As for asking her to leave her room and join us in living room to watch a programme of her choice, no way I asked on Saturday night and was told she had been out shopping with me and that should satisfy me (she may join us on Sunday) to watch a programme about cats that I recorded as I thought she might like that. So, in many ways some things are easier with her getting older, but you just swap one set of problems for another.  I think we have changed as well and pick our battles carefully.

So, I just want to thank everyone who reads this and wish you all A Happy Christmas

Kirsty’s Quote

It is not exactly a quote but more of an example as to how she sometimes thinks.  She was very reluctant to go to sewing class and only did go because John was going, and we assured her she could sit with him.  As I said I was very surprised at how much she enjoyed it and interacted, but she told me later that when I mentioned it was at tech she thought someone was going to be writing on blackboard (that gives my age away) and showing them the different stitches that way. Had no idea she was going to use sewing machine even though that what class was about.

Oh, the joys!!!

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