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Diary of a Mum / Carer / Would be Entrepreneur. Aged 59 and a bit.

February 2018

I hope you realise that the age up above will be the same for next five years!  It does have its compensations  … I will get my bus pass next birthday. My husband loves flaunting his, if we leave the car or are coming into the city centre, we just use the bus as car parking in Belfast is very expensive.

Going to start with Mum/Carer role and I really should be doing a drum roll for this piece of information (cue drum roll ……) at seventeen Kirsty got on a bus with a friend and went to cinema. We did take her to friends as we wanted to be sure who she was going with, as this is the first time she has even suggested going out and she never uses public transport. I have seen me walking home some distance all because Kirsty is going somewhere nearby but will not get on a bus. Isn’t this fantastic?

We also got her to answer the telephone one night  – which was also a first.  If we are not there the phone doesn’t get answered. Even though she has a mobile she will text and not call. The lady who was telephoning was an old lady of 91 who calls me quite regularly and she could not believe it, that Kirsty answered.  No polite chit chat it was “We are at our dinner” phone down. To give hope to some of you parents whose children are young, we have seen Kirsty try a lot of new things recently, as I said a whole week of firsts.  I personally find you cannot try to implement behaviours that you feel your child should have reached.  They do eventually get there but in their own time. She can still have the odd meltdown where she shouts at us –  but these are becoming fewer in number.

Also, I have mentioned that she attends Usel where they try to get students to achieve English and Maths GCSE with the benefit of getting a work placement. Again, as said before, this would not suit Kirsty as jobs were either in retail, hospitality or office based but none suited as it meant talking to people she didn’t know. So, she got her placement with the Cats Protection League as she does love cats and has no trouble talking to them! Only problem is the first week she wanted to bring two home, this week it was only one.  The problem is we already have two cats and a dog!

Now onto Spectra and a big thank you to all who have followed our journey from the beginning. It is great having our own premises, mainly as somewhere we can keep stock and you can come in look at products and try them on. We are at Unit 31, East Belfast Enterprise Park, 308 Albertbridge Road, Belfast BT5 9JT. Our office line is 028 9045 6027, just in case you want to call first to make sure we are here as often we have to go out for meetings.


We are having an open day on Saturday 3 March from 10.00am – 1.00pm although we are open in meantime and we will be officially launching on 28 March – beginning of #Autismweek. I am delighted to say we have Ryan Hendry cutting the ribbon next week!. Ryan is a passionate advocate for people on the spectrum and who better to open our premises dedicated to helping people on the spectrum than someone who understands it more than most of us.

I would especially encourage parents of Year 7 pupils to come along as I know many of you will be dreading getting them into school shirt next year when it will be compulsory.

On the day there will be 10% off all school shirts and so that my online customers do not miss out any orders places on Friday or Saturday will be able to take advantage of discount too.


Again, apologies for length but as story progresses there much more to tell.  I should maybe just do a book charting it all interspersed with your stories.  Let us face it we parents must have a thick skin as our children say it like it is. I mostly find it funny like when she started telling people who came to house for dinner that I wasn’t expecting another baby I was just fat!!! Or when I assured her I would be slim for Christmas she went up to a large lady she hadn’t met before and told her if she tried, she could be slim before Christmas.  I know all our kids can embarrass us whether on the spectrum or not.


A big ask if you think your child would like it and you would have no objections we are looking for children who may be interested in appearing in a new video for our new ecommerce site or just to be photographed for site.  Realise a big ask but if you have budding model please let us know.

Until next time!


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