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Diary of a Mum/Carer/Would be Entrepreneur Aged 59 and 1/4


2 April 2018

An apt day to write the current blog as it is World Autism Day.  It also happens to be one of the worse Easter Monday’s I can recall.  It is not always warm at Easter especially when it is early. Today though it is dark, it has not stopped raining all day and there’s a chill in the air. More like December than April.


I will start with business news and a big thank you to all who have followed this journey from the start.  It has not been easy and there were a lot of challenges especially in the manufacturing, but we are still here.


I am excited this year as we will have shirts and trousers ready a lot earlier and have quite a few in stock already – but they are being snapped up.   The reason for this, is that a very successful online retailer wants to sell our items under our Spectra Sensory Clothing brand, which is very good news.  The only problem being keeping up with stock, but I am a lot wiser this year.


Another exciting event happened last Wednesday when we officially launched the company at The Foundry – where it all began.  We had a great turn out with many parents coming along as well as those who had been part of the journey. So, people know we are here and in business.  Although most of our sales are online please feel free to call at our premises in East Belfast and have a look at what we are planning.


I hope soon to have a lot wider choice in our casual section with jogging bottoms, unique style t-shirts and more.  If there is something you would like to see us selling please feel free to email me at  I cannot guarantee that we can fulfil all your needs but if you are looking for something we would certainly try to source it for you.


Now onto the mummy bit and I have to say I am still smarting at something which was said to me yesterday.  Firstly, I have to say I love older people and when I say old I mean from 80 upwards although some 70-year olds fall into this category.  I have worked with them and gained a lot from my relationships with them.  We all know not everyone understands Autism and yes I have heard it mumbled before “nothing like that in my day” and yes I have also heard some say “Oh that must have been what was wrong with wee Jimmy…. or whoever” refering to some child that they perhaps found different but no idea why.


At this stage I am going to say that somethings have not changed, and children and adults can still show no understanding. I must admit that before my daughter was diagnosed I had no idea about autism.  Yes, when she was diagnosed, and I went to classes, read books on the subject, all her behaviours made sense. Now to get onto what really annoyed me, I was talking to someone yesterday who had saw my daughter and I the previous day.  She was asking about business and I informed her of why I started it (ie because of my daughter). The next statement floored me, she asked if it was Kirsty I had been with previous day and when I said yes, her answer was “she looks normal”. I kid you not.  This is the difficulty and I suppose this could apply to people with mental health problems, very few understand an invisible condition whatever it is.  Therefore, we should all be kind all the time, I have to say I am still smarting from that remark.  The only good thing is that Kirsty didn’t hear it and I have a feeling if Kirsty had been with me she would have said the same thing.


On a brighter note Kirsty is coming along well she seems to be thriving at USELand loves her day at the Cat’s Protection League.  She does still want to bring a few home every week.  Other people are starting to notice how far she has come in that she will now talk to people she doesn’t know well.  Still spends all her spare time on Xbox playing “Minecraft”.


We have now in office a landline which is 02890209508 if you want to call.  I would suggest if you want to visit you give us a call as we may be out at meetings.


Lastly, we are delighted to be going back to Greystone Primary School on 14 April for their autism/asperger’s/ADHD event, hope to see some of you there, it is a magnificent event and starts at 6.00pm.

Until next time,


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